AOC’s latest gaming monitor boasts a crazy 540Hz refresh rate.

This 24-inch 1080p monitor is designed for and only for esports. If you’re looking for higher color accuracy, there’s also an “only” 390Hz IPS version on the way.


For gaming enthusiasts with esports ambitions, there’s no such thing as “too fast” when it comes to frame rates. Therefore, there’s no such thing as a monitor that’s too fast. AOC’s latest design features a 540Hz panel, catering to the need for speed. While impressive, what’s even more impressive is that it’s not some unattainable monster—it’s a 24-inch 1080p design.

This makes the AOC Agon AG246FK immediately one of the fastest monitors on the planet—one year ago Nvidia referred to 500Hz as the “fastest in the world”—which also means it might be affordable for those gamers without a monitor. Trust fund. According to KitGuru, this product is set to launch in Europe in July for €699, slightly lower than $750. The price is steep, but not impossible, especially as prices in the US often dip a bit due to lighter taxation.

How did AOC get a monitor this fast so quickly? First, it’s using a TN panel. This means it’s based on older technology, with brightness or color accuracy not as precise. But if you always need to be at full throttle, it’ll do the job with an equally fast 0.2 millisecond response rate. If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of speed for higher color accuracy, you can get the same design with the “only” 390Hz IPS panel. The AGON AG256FS version is also slightly larger, at 24.5 inches, and cheaper, at only €449.

Both monitors feature 100% sRGB coverage, HDR400 support, and 400 nits of brightness. For inputs, they have DisplayPort plus dual HDMI ports and four USB 3.2 ports for some extra connections, along with the same pair of 0.5 watt speakers that we seem to see in every gaming monitor. (Seriously, who uses those little things? Why do monitor manufacturers waste everyone’s time with them?) They also have a foldable stand for placing headphones and some RGBling on the back.

Currently, AOC doesn’t seem to have an English website specifically introducing these two monitors, but they do have pages for them on the Russian Agon website. Is a 24-inch screen enough for you to maximize speed? Is three-quarters of the price too much for the speed mentioned above? That’s up to you, gamers. You’ll have to decide before July.

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