Goodbye, Cheap SSDs? WD and Seagate Warn PC Storage Prices Are Rising

If you’re considering upgrading storage, take action now.


If you’re in the market for a hard drive or SSD, act fast! Otherwise, you may end up paying more than you’re willing to.

According to the Taiwanese analysis firm TrendForce, storage manufacturers Western Digital (WD) and Seagate have written to customers warning them that these companies will be raising hard drive prices. WD’s letter states that it will also increase SSD prices.

The letter, signed by Executive Vice President BS Teh, states, “The demand across multiple segments of our business continues to recover, and our constrained manufacturing capacity limits our ability to meet all customer demands, resulting in longer lead times.” Seagate’s President and Chief Business Officer. “As a result, we will implement price increases immediately based on new orders and demand exceeding previously committed quantities.”

Western Digital also sent a similar letter earlier this month. In the report, Western Digital warned, “Demand for the entire flash and hard drive product portfolio is higher than expected, leading to supply constraints.”

WD’s Senior Vice President Scott Davis wrote, “Given these circumstances, we will continue to increase prices for flash and hard drive products this quarter, with some changes taking effect immediately.” “These updates will apply to our entire product portfolio.”

The letters from both companies are addressed to their business partners, including PC manufacturers responsible for ordering hard drives and SSDs for PC production. However, with warnings of price increases from the world’s two largest storage companies, it’s hard to believe that this increase won’t affect retail products. In other words, if you’re interested in upgrading your SSD or buying an external hard drive or SSD, prices may rise in the near future.

However, the warning signs are there. In November, analysts warned that SSD prices were rising. This forecast seems to be coming true and is also affecting hard drive prices.

The good news? Hard drive prices typically represent only a small portion of SSD prices—this 1TB external Seagate hard drive is currently priced at $60 on Amazon, while a high-quality WD 1TB external SSD is priced at $109. Will these prices go up? It’s certainly possible.

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