How to Open Windows Terminal Using Command Prompt

Windows Terminal provides a unified interface for PowerShell, Command Prompt, and Azure Cloud Shell.

With Windows Terminal, you can directly launch the Command Prompt using the Command Prompt as your default profile.

Simply right-click the “Start” button and choose “Terminal” or “Terminal (Administrator),” or right-click on a folder in File Explorer or on the desktop and select “Open in Terminal” to open the program.

Upon opening, the tool defaults to displaying PowerShell. You can switch to Command Prompt using the down arrow in the title bar. However, you can also launch Command Prompt alongside the Terminal.

To do this, click the downward arrow in the title bar and select “Settings.” In the next step, choose “Command Prompt” from the “Default Profile” menu on the “Startup” tab, then click “Save” at the bottom of the window.

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