Logitech’s latest mouse summons artificial intelligence with just the press of a button.

The Logitech Signature AI Edition M750 mouse comes with a dedicated button designed to launch applications supported by ChatGPT.


Following keyboards with Cortana keys… now comes a mouse with a ChatGPT key? Well, sort of. Meet the Logitech Signature AI Edition M750 mouse.

Logitech plans to launch the Signature AI Edition mouse in the US and UK in April, priced at $49.99. While it has a dedicated AI button, you do need a dedicated AI button on your mouse, right? — The button actually launches an application called Logi AI Prompt Builder, powered by ChatGPT.

The application is part of Logi Options+, which is software that connects many Logitech MX (or “Master”) series peripherals (as well as Studio series, Ergo, etc.), such as keyboards and mice. When users press the AI Prompt button at the top of the AI Edition mouse, they are actually launching the Prompt Builder within the Options+ app. Existing Logitech peripherals without a dedicated ChatGPT key can remap another key to trigger the same function.

The Prompt Builder is designed to highlight, copy, and/or edit a portion of text you’re working with. It seems like a more sophisticated version of the suggestion actions tested by Microsoft in Copilot, where users can highlight a piece of text, right-click it, and ask for a summary (with or without a Copilot key).


Logitech’s AI Prompt Builder works with ChatGPT.

In this case, Logitech uses ChatGPT to rewrite, summarize, reply to, or compose emails. A separate box allows for dropdown-style options, including “fun” and “professional.”

For one reason or another, many people still aren’t using artificial intelligence. Logitech hopes to make it as simple as clicking a mouse.


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