Razer’s new RGB mouse pad is the brightest mouse pad ever.

The Firefly V2 Pro features a hard matte surface, with rainbow-like LEDs covering the entire desktop.

“Ha ha, Razer likes to add RGB lights to everything.” For tech journalists, this is an easy joke to make, and I admit I’ve indulged in it more than once. But to be honest, Razer’s products overall are very stylish and unique, and lately they’ve been using RGB lighting as subtle accents rather than the main selling point. But the Firefly V2 Pro mouse pad has always been all about the RGB.

Razer has previously produced USB-connected, RGB mouse pads, which you can now find knockoffs of on Amazon for just a few dollars. Generally, they just embed a strip of lights around the edge of a cloth mouse pad, much like the original Firefly. The new Firefly V2 Pro swaps out the cloth for a hard matte surface (probably some kind of plastic), allowing the top 15 LEDs to illuminate the entire object.

Does it add any functionality? Definitely not. Does it look cool? Yes, I reluctantly admit that it does. If I saw it in some TV sci-fi movie, I wouldn’t be surprised; those sci-fi flicks love to feature Razer gear in their “hacker battlestations” to give it that futuristic feel.


To be fair, Razer goes a bit beyond the bare minimum in terms of connectivity, adding an integrated USB 2.0 port and making the USB-C power cable detachable. The marketing material claims that the textured surface of the pad won’t interfere with laser or optical mice. Of course, you can adjust and program the lighting in the Razer Chroma RGB tool.

Razer wants $99.99 for the Firefly V2 Pro. That’s a hefty sum for a mouse pad, especially for one that’s on the smaller side, measuring 10.95 x 14.17 inches (278 x 360 millimeters). But perhaps, for a bit of attention from your favorite Reddit subreddits, the price isn’t too steep after all.

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