Roccat, a brand, is being phased out by its parent company, Turtle Beach.

Roccat’s PC accessory lineup, such as the Vulcan keyboard, will continue under the Turtle Beach name.


Born in Germany, Roccat may not be one of the most well-known brands in PC accessories, but its prominence is enough to secure dedicated shelf space in stores like Best Buy and Walmart. Well, not anymore: this week, its parent company decided it was time to retire these children. Roccat as a brand is no more, with its existing product lines being absorbed into Turtle Beach.

Turtle Beach, an American company, acquired Roccat in 2019. For the past decade or so, the parent company has been renowned for gaming headsets, especially those focused on the gaming console market. Going forward, all Roccat gear will be branded under the Turtle Beach name, while existing product lines like the Vulcan keyboard will retain their names.

“Other than the name, there aren’t any real changes,” a PR representative told Global PC when showcasing the latest designs for the company’s headsets, keyboards, and mice. “The same core team of innovative engineers and product managers is still developing top-notch PC peripherals.”

I’m not a marketer, but I can’t help but feel this is a net loss, even with the advantages of consolidating brands. Roccat’s name and image stood out with its professional, sports-style cat logo, whereas “Turtle Beach” doesn’t carry the same allure.

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